The number of people purchasing at stores at ahamo Softbank on LINE will decrease Is online contract the main contract in the future?


DoCoMo has come up with a plan called ahamo. And Softbank has come up with a plan called Softbank on LINE.

Actually, these plans are contracts exclusively for the Internet. Being an online-only contract means that very few people will buy it at a physical store.


The number of people who buy at physical stores will decrease

Since it is a contract exclusively for the Internet, it means that very few people will purchase from a physical store.
Do you know what it means to not buy a smartphone at a physical store?

Unfortunately, if you stop buying at physical stores, sales at physical stores will decrease considerably.
This is not a story about a docomo shop or something like that. I think it is the mass retailers that get the most damage.
I think the damage at mass retailers will be tremendous.

Why is the damage at mass retailers so great? In other words, the number of people who purchase from the Internet, including smartphones, will increase at a stretch.

In that case, the number of people who bother to go to the store will decrease. Don’t you think that reducing the number of people who want to go to the store will definitely reduce the sales of the actual store?
Fewer people going to physical stores can be quite damaging to the economy.

✔ Online sales are tough for physical store owners
✔ Only the business of the elderly can be established
✔ Carriers are driving the internet

I really think that this can’t be done anymore.

You should think about measures for making purchases at stores

Carriers should consider not only a mechanism that allows only the carrier to make a profit, but also a mechanism that allows them to make a profit even at a physical store.
Until now, distributors have contributed to carrier sales by selling a considerable number of smartphones.
Since it is only the carrier’s profit, so-called cost reduction, we have come up with a contract only on the Internet.
From the agency’s point of view, this is not the story.
Only carriers can save money. Of course, the stage for building a system to expand the services of this carrier may be temporarily enriched, but from the perspective of turning the economy, I think it is a fairly strict measure.

Turning the economy means selling smartphones on a regular basis.
If you have a contract, your carrier will receive monthly income like a subscription. During that time, there is no problem if the line can be provided properly.

✔ Career is selfish
✔ Either sales are acceptable
✔ The flow of the world is all over the internet
✔ Distributors should consider how to sell

The Japanese economy can only survive strong

With this, I think that only strong Japanese economies can survive.
I think the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises is quite difficult.
Surviving in this situation would be quite difficult.

The Japanese economy is basically focused on creating new technologies, and small and medium-sized enterprises play a central role in this.
It is completely led by GAFA like overseas.
GAFA does not have a line, and the line provider is a company such as AT & T.
After all, lines are used only as a means, not as an end.

In such a situation, it will be difficult for Japanese companies to survive. In order to build a strong Japan, it is important to ask consumers for high-priced shopping without selling at a bargain.
I think that Japan will not survive otherwise.