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I would like to introduce information about the iPad mini 6. iPad mini is on sale up to iPad mini 5 in the first half of 2019.

With a delicate size of 7.9 inches, the iPad mini has become a popular model.

I don’t think the iPad mini 6 will be announced so far.



iPad mini 5 is now on sale

The iPad mini 5 is already on sale. About three and a half years have passed since the release of the previous model iPad mini 4.

The iPad mini 4 was launched in September 2015. It seems that it will be announced in March 2019, three and a half years after that.

Considering that it has been a long time since the iPad mini 4 was released and the next iPad mini will be announced, it is quite possible that the iPad mini 6 will also take a considerable development period.

iPad mini5 has become the name iPad mini.

It will be the so-called MUJI iPad mini, but I think it will be the iPad mini 5 in the generation.

The iPad mini has become a fairly popular model. It is a size that is easy to carry and a size that makes it easy to convey information such as letters to the other party. The secret of popularity is the size and screen size at the time of presentation. The bigger the screen, the harder it is to hold.

The latest model of iPad mini can be purchased at each company’s online shop

The online shop is recommended for purchasing Cellular models.

The latest iPad mini models can be purchased from the carrier’s online shop.

The iPad mini is one of the most popular models nowadays because it is sold in a size that is very easy to hold.

It is one of the most popular models because each company sends it to their home with free shipping.

Recently, more and more people are buying iPads at online shops.

The reason is that there are no special benefits even if you purchase at the store.

In the case of store purchase, it is necessary to go to the store, and more and more people want to buy online while staying at home rather than purchasing in the store. It is certain that this trend will continue in the future.

Maybe the iPad Pro model? Some people think

SIMフリー版 iPad Pro 10.5 レビュー 評価 動作速度 Appleの公式サイトから購入 翌日到着
SIMフリー版のiPad Pro 10.5を購入してみました。 iPadの購入は本当に久しぶりです。iPadは2の頃に一度購入したきりで、久しぶりに購入してみようと思い立って購入しました。 iPadPro10.5が届いた ...

I’d like you to read this article, but in fact I still use this iPad normally. Normal use means that you are using it normally.

Even if it is a 2017 model, it can be fully utilized. My usage is like this.

・ Viewing presentation materials and writing notes at the time of presentation
・ Online conference at ZOOM
・ Browsing photos, etc.
・ YouTube browsing

Actually, I’ve only used it this much, so you may think it’s enough, but if it’s a slightly older model of the iPad Pro, you can buy it at a fairly low price even if it’s used.

・ Transfer and check of the camera when shooting with a camera such as a single-lens reflex camera
-Edit file
·draw a picture
・ Write manga

I think that there are many people who use it in this way. With the Apple Pencil, there are quite a few people who prefer the iPad at this point.
It means that there are many people who use it like this on the iPad.

iPad mini 6 concept image

A new concept image has come out.

Source: youtube

It looks pretty stylish and has no home button. Is it a so-called huge iPhone? The bezel is very thin, and I think that a bezel like this can be highly recommended. Until now, the iPad had its own bezel. The reduction in the bezel means that it will be compact, so I think there are considerable benefits.

You will be able to use the Apple Pencil. Actually, it would be very convenient to have this Apple Pencil.

I usually use the iPad for work, but I think it is very convenient and has considerable advantages when presenting.

This is the view from the back. You can see that it looks like an iPhone 12 even when viewed from the back.

You can see that there is also a SIM slot. It is said that it will be Lightning, but if you look at this, there is a hole like USB-C. It would be quite interesting if it became USB-C.

This is the view from the side. It looks really cool.

There is no such thing as a notch at the top, and the screen is very clean. I think it would be quite interesting if it was actually sold on such a screen.

I think it looks as expected in a sense. It looks pretty good. If it looks like this, it’s very clean and I think it’s good for me personally.

Apple Pencil 1st generation? Second generation? DoWill you handle it?

ApplePencil3 Apple Pencil2 ApplePencil1 比較 違い 書きやすいのは? 何が違う iPad対応は? miniへの対応は?
Apple Pencil2と呼ばれるものが販売されていることは知っている人も多いと思います。 現在AppleからPencilと呼ばれるものが、ApplePencilとApplePencil2の2つのPencilが発売があります。 ...

I think Apple Pencil will also be available, but which one will be available?
I think that Apple Pencil 2 will be available for generations, but …
It’s really convenient to have an Apple Pencil.
You don’t have to write on a big screen like the iPad. Since you can write on a small screen, it is actually surprisingly convenient.
Many people may not know that it is more convenient to write on a small screen, but if you write on a large screen, you need to write large letters.
I think it would be convenient just without it. I think it would be very convenient if it could be used on the iPad mini.

✔ It is convenient to use Apple Pencil
✔ Can be used for presentations

When will the iPad mini 6 be released?

Considering that it will take about three and a half years to develop, the iPad mini 6 is expected to be released around 2022.

The 2019 model, iPhone Ⅺ, the successor to the iPhone XS, is scheduled to be released.

After that, models such as iPhone Ⅺs will be released.

The iPhone Ⅺs will be released in 2020, and 2021 is expected to be the iPhone Ⅻ.

iPhone Ⅻ is the second generation ahead of the 2019 model, and it seems that the CPU etc. are also around A15.

I think that the iPad mini 6 which is a model with considerable specifications is adopted.

The development period of the iPad mini is very long, isn’t it? The iPhone model is released once a year, but the development period of the iPad mini is considerable.

I think the reason is that it is not a hot seller.
According to the latest information, the sixth generation of iPad mini is expected to be released by 2020.
The iPad has become a very popular gadget, but the mini is the exquisite size.
This exquisite size is the secret to its popularity.

Predict specs from the release date

The iPad mini 4 was equipped with a CPU called A8.

The CPU called A8 is the CPU installed in the iPhone 6.

Since the iPad mini 4 was released six months after the iPhone 6, it is highly likely that it will use the same CPU as the previous year’s model.

The iPad mini 5 uses a CPU called the A12.

You can see that the iPad mini 6 released around 2022 is very likely to be equipped with the CPU installed in the iPhone released in 2021.

✔ 2019 model: A13
✔ 2020 model: A14
✔ 2021 model: A15
✔ 2022 model: A16

Considering that it will evolve in this way, it is very likely that the 2021 model will use a CPU called the A15.

It’s an evolution of RAM, but it’s 4GB on the iPhone XS MAX.

As of 2019, 4GB is the iPhone with the best RAM.

The RAM capacity of the iPad mini 4 is 2GB, but the RAM capacity of the iPhone 6 released in the previous year of the iPad mini 4 is 1GB.

Therefore, it may be equipped with a larger amount of RAM than the iPhone released at the same time.

However, as of 2014, only two models, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, have been released.

As of 2019, the amount of RAM is different between iPhone XR and iPhone XS. The RAM capacity of the iPhone XR is 3GB.

If it evolves steadily, it is expected that around 2021, even if an inexpensive model is released, it will have a RAM capacity of about 6GB.

For that reason, the RAM capacity of the iPad mini 6 is likely to be around 6GB.

There is no doubt that it supports 5G

There is no doubt that 5G will be supported. Many of you know that 5G has been talked about in quite a lot of places these days.

ドコモ au ソフトバンク 5G 次世代高速通信 通信速度はどの程度アップするのか
各社5Gはすでに対応しており、続々と5Gの対応スマホの販売を行っています。 5Gになりどの程度の通信速度があがったのでしょうか? すでにドコモは5Gの通信は実験段階ではスタートしておりますが、他社も含めて共同で実験の開始を行いま...

There is no doubt that 5G will be installed as standard equipment on models called flagship models from around 2020. ..

It is said that the iPhone is also a 2020 model and will support 5G .

5G is 100 times faster than 4G, and is a keyword that is currently receiving a lot of attention. There is also one. I think that Higashi-Meihan will respond when the service starts, but it is expected that the area will gradually expand.

Home button is completely removed

Even with the iPhone released in 2018, there is no longer a home button.

Since there is no home button, all authentication is now Face ID. Apple is expected to continue this trend.

For that reason, the home button will be completely eliminated.

The home button is a very convenient button, but when it actually disappears, everyone will operate it accordingly, and when it actually disappears, it doesn’t seem to have that much effect.

The home button will be removed even in future models. I think that the main model will be a display with all the front.

In iPad mini5 , the home button is not excluded and remains as it is.

iPad mini5 didn’t eliminate the home button, so I’m pretty worried about what the future iPad series will look like. I think it’s a part.

In iPad mini 6, I think that it is a part that is quite worrisome whether the home button will be eliminated or it will remain as it is.

iPad mini5 is expected to evolve considerably.

iPad mini5 was not sold and became an unbranded iPad mini, so it is possible that the iPad mini 6 will continue to be sold as an unbranded iPad mini. I think it’s very likely.

Is the home button really completely eliminated? The new iPhone SE 2020 model has been released. At that time, the 2020 model left the home button. Therefore, I think there is a good chance that the iPad mini 6 will remain.
The fact that the home button is not eliminated should make the home button so popular.
It’s really convenient to have a home button. I also feel that having a home button definitely benefits.

Camera performance has improved dramatically

Until now, the camera mounted on the tablet has been left behind in a sense, but I think that it has improved dramatically when it reaches the iPad mini 6.

That’s why there is a possibility that dual cameras are installed.

I don’t think there have been dual cameras on tablets until now, but iPad tablets have a lot of uses for baseball and golf lessons.

Therefore, there are quite a few people who are looking for reasonable video performance and camera performance.

I think there are quite a few people who take a camera taken with an iPhone and take it to a tablet. From that, it seems that the camera performance will improve considerably.

I think it would be great to have dual cameras installed.

The fact that the iPad mini, including the iPad, is equipped with dual cameras is a very worrisome part.

Very few models have dual cameras on their tablets.

However, if it is about the size of the iPad mini, many people use it at a level close to that of the iPhone.

I think there are some people who want dual cameras to be installed in tablets.

Apple Pencil will be supported

It will be compatible with Apple Pencil. Since it is already supported at the time of iPad mini 5, there is no doubt that it will be supported continuously.

It’s pretty handy to have an Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil costs about 10,000 yen, but I think it’s well worth 10,000 yen.

Once you use the Apple Pencil, you really can’t let go. It’s such a convenient gadget.

In the future, not only iPad mini but also iPhone will be supported, so I’m looking forward to it.


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