Oppo Find X3 Pro Spec Price Release Date Will it be a SIM-free model?


I would like to tell you about Oppo Find X3, a smartphone scheduled to be released in 2021.

The model called Oppo Find X2 Pro is sold by au in Japan and is sold as a high-spec model.
The manufacturer Oppo is not yet so well known in Japan.

What kind of manufacturer is it? I would like you to take a look here.

You might think of OPPO as a manufacturer of cheap smartphones, but that’s not the case.
We also manufacture cheap smartphones, but we also manufacture high-spec models exactly.
Huawei smartphones have been quite popular in Japan for several years, but due to sanctions, Huawei smartphones are becoming quite scarce in the Japanese market.
And smartphones from such a manufacturer called OPPO are steadily expanding into Japan. I think it’s really good to be in Japan.


Oppo Find X3 Pro has such specifications

OPPO Find X2 Pro OPG01 au 値引き スペック 価格 レビュー 評価 オススメスマホ
OPPO Find X2 Pro OPG01という機種がauから販売されておりますが、どのような機種なのでしょうか? OPPOというメーカーは聞いたことはあるかと思いますが、基本的にはまだ日本では無名メーカーだという認識もあろうかと思いま...

I would like to post the specifications of Oppo Find X2 Pro here.

How much specs will be improved from Oppo Find X2 Pro?


OPPO Find X3 Pro


ColorOS 8 (based on Android11)






Snapdragon 888




256GB or 512GB

Display size

6.7 inches


3,168 × 1,440 (QHD +)

Front camera

32 million pixels

Rear camera

50 million pixels x 2 / 300,000 pixels / 12 million pixels

Battery capacity



802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax (2.4 / 5GHz)

This is the amount of information currently available as specifications.

✔ There are many undecided parts of the specifications

Snapdragon 888 will be installed

Regarding camera performance, it is expected that telephoto performance will improve.

✔ 5x optical zoom
✔ Up to 25x zoom

It is also said that a sensor called IMX766 made by Sony will be installed. The details of the IMX766 sensor have not been clarified yet, but I would like to expect it as it will be the latest sensor.
I think that the OPPO series can be expected to have considerable camera performance.

Refresh rate is 120Hz

The refresh rate has been talked about recently, but this OPPO Find X3 Pro has a refresh rate of 120Hz.
What is called a refresh rate was usually 60Hz on smartphones up until now.
60Hz means that the screen is changed 60 times per second. What does that mean? In other words, when you play a game with movement, it will be displayed more smoothly if there are many screen changes per second.
If you go from 60 to 120, you will feel twice as smooth.

Unfortunately, the refresh rate 120 is not adopted for the iPhone 12 released in 2020.
However, it is adopted in Galaxy etc., and AQUOS series etc. adopts a very wonderful display with a refresh rate of 240.
Technically, I think that 240 is okay, but it may be quite difficult because it is necessary to improve the performance of the display.

If the refresh rate is 120Hz, I think it’s okay to enjoy games as it is, so I’d like to expect it.

Price is expected to be reduced

OPPO Find X2 Pro is au Online Shop costs 92040 yen, and it was sold in the price range of less than 100,000 yen.
With that in mind, I think there is no doubt that OPPO Find X3 Pro will be sold in the price range of less than 100,000 yen.
Although it will be sold at a fairly low price, it is a model that is quite excellent in terms of specifications, so it is expected that it will be a very satisfying smartphone.
The low-priced model has the image of a low-priced version, but this is not the case with this model.
It is a wonderful model with high specs and low price.